The Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community (“the Secretariat”) is one of the institutions set up under the Treaty.

Being the only institution with permanent staff, it provides administrative support to the other institutions of the Transport Community (the Ministerial Council, the Regional Steering Committee, the technical committees and the Social Forum), acts as a Transport Observatory to monitor the performance of the indicative TEN-T extension of the comprehensive and core networks to the Western Balkans and supports the implementation of the Western Balkans Six (WB6) Connectivity Agenda aiming to improve links within the Western Balkans as well as between the region and the European Union.  It also reviews the implementation of the obligations under the Treaty.

The Permanent Secretariat Team

Mr. Matej Zakonjšek

email: mzakonjsek(at)

Ms. Ljuba Siljanoska

Deputy Director
email: ljsiljanoska(at)

Ms. Iva Bošnjaković

Assistant to the Director & Deputy Director
email: ibosnjakovic(at)

Ms. Tatjana Jovanović Štiglić

Head of Division in charge of Project Preparation and Financing
email: tjovanovic(at)

Mr. Albert Kolgeci

Head of Division in charge of Transposition and Implementation of the EU Acquis
email: akolgeci(at)

Mr. Dejan Lasica

Rail Policy Coordinator
email: dlasica(at)

Ms. Nerejda Hoxha

Road Coordinator
email: nhoxha(at)

Ms. Liljana Çela

Desk Officer for Road Safety
email: lcela(at)

Mr. Mate Gjorgjievski

Desk Officer for Transport Facilitation
email: mgjorgjievski(at)

Mr. Mircea Țenovici

Road Project Officer
email: mtenovici(at)

Mr. Nedim Begović

Green/Multimodal/Innovative transport solutions Desk Officer
email: nbegovic(at)

Mr. Kire Dimanoski

Rail Officer
email: kdimanoski(at)

Ms. Monica Stanciu

Desk Officer for Transport of Dangerous Goods
email: mstanciu(at)

Ms. Martina Hakl

Desk Officer for Passenger Rights and Social Issues
email: mhakl(at)

Ms. Jordana Fićović

Human Resources and Administration Desk Officer
email: jficovic(at)

Mr. Marko Kovačević

Communication Officer
email: mkovacevic(at)

Mr. Petrit Ibrahimi

Financial and Accounting Officer
email: pibrahimi(at)

Ms. Tamara Rašković

Administrative Assistant
email: traskovic(at)

Mr. Milan Đokić

Administrative Assistant
email: mdjokic(at)

Organisation chart