Zana Josa Guzja

Ms Zana Joca Guzja is Head of Policies and Strategies for the Development of the Railway Transport Unit, in the Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. Previously, Mr Guzja has served as an Expert of European Integration, Directorate of EU Integration, Coordination, Agreements and Assistance, at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of the Republic of Albania. In this function she was responsible for the issues related to the “Acquis Communautaire” and the implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Ms Guzja has previously served also as an Expert of IPA Projects Preparation and Feasibility, Directorate of Conception and Feasibility of Infrastructure and Territorial Projects, in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.  She is nominated as Albanian Contact Point for TCT. In addition, from 2007 she serves as SEETO National Coordinator for Albania and has coordinated the transport issues under the Connectivity Agenda, in the framework of the Berlin Process.  From 2007, she is a Certified Trainer of the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) for the issues of European Integration, Regional Cooperation and the management of IPA Funds.

Eriola Muka

Jelena Kuzmanović

Ms Jelena Kuzmanović holds a Bachelor’s degree in transport and traffic engineering. She has been working in Railways of Republic of Srpska for the last ten years as timetable manager. Ms. Kuzmanović is a member of Forum Train Europe and of Rail Net Europe.

 Sakib Čavčić

Mr Sakib Čavčić has graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo and acquired the title Bachelor with honors in Electrical Engineering – Department of Automation and Electronics. Mr Čavčić is currently employed by RAILWAY of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the position of Head of Railway Signaling Service – Electrical Engineering Division. Some of the most important project he has worked on are Supply and Installation of Signaling Equipment at Railway Station Rasputnica Miljacka (2020-2021), Supply and Installation of Signaling and Telecommunication Equipment Railway Corridor Vc (2016-2018), Sarajevo-Bradina PS-04 (FIDIC Red Book) and Implementation of SAP System in Railway FBiH (2011-2012).

Nikola Malinović

Mr Nikola Malinović hold a Bachelor’s degree in transport and traffic engineering. He has been employed by the Railways of Republic of Srpska since 2010. During that time Mr. Malinović gained a lot of experience in different sectors.

Arjeta Fejza

Ms. Arjeta Fejza is an enthusiastic and experienced engineer with passion for railway industry who has rich background in Information Technology and over 12-year experience in railway.

Avdylkader Mucaj

Mr Avdylkader Mucaj has been Head of Legal and Licensing Department within the Railway Regulatory Authority of Kosovo* since 2011. Mr. Mucaj holds an LL.M. in European Law from Stockholm University-Sweden. He is active in all legislative working groups internally and externally regarding legislation in field of transport.

Bekim Gojani

Mr Bekim Gojani is a graduated economist and currently Head of Passenger Transportation Division in the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure of Kosovo. Mr Gojani has over 20 years of work experience in different Kosovo institutions.

Nazmi Gashi

Mr Nazmi Gashi has over 10 years of experience in the transport sector, respectively the part of sector policy development within the Department of Land Transport.

Marija Spasova

Ms Marija Spasova has graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Department of financial and banking management. She has good communication skills acquired through teamwork and preparing a number of reports. Ms Spasova speaks English.

Makedonka Dimitrioska Gjorgjieska

Ms Makedonka Dimitrioska Gjorgjieska is a Counsellor for monitoring the Railway Infrastructures Managers operation, within the Rail Department, Ministry of Transport and communications (MoTC) of the Republic of North Macedonia which is one the leading authority for performs activities referring to regulation of the railway system area, supervision over the legality of the operations of the infrastructure manager and the operators; follows the European legislation in the respective domain and proposes decisions for harmonization of the European directives and regulations with the national legislation. Her work tasks are related to the financing of the railway projects, charge of disbursement and payment of the loan funds, аnalysing the reports prepared by the PE Macedonian Railways Infrastructure. Another task she is involved is the technical implementation and monitoring of amounts allocated to railways from the National Budget for the PE Macedonian Railways Infrastructure including: handling all financial /payment correspondence with PE Macedonian Railways Infrastructure including relevant verification/ monitoring tasks, closely monitoring the performance and assuring a qualitative and timely implementation of the Annual Program for Financing of the Railway Infrastructure. Ms Dimitrioska Gjorgjieska is a member of the project Rail Corridor VIII, First and Second Section Re-Tender Eastern Part of Railway Corridor, First section Kumanovo-Beljakovce and Second section Beljakovce – Kriva Palanka, financed by EBRD.

Driton Rusi

Mr Driton Rusi is an engineer of architecture, graduated from Ss. Cyrill and Methodius University in Skopje. After graduation Mr Rusi was engaged in design and building of various small/medium scale buildings. Later on, he moved to Doha, Qatar, where he worked on a construction company as project manager for DFC (Doha Festival City – one of the largest shopping malls in Middle East). Currently Mr Rusi is assistant director in the Railway infrastructure manager of North Macedonia and engaged in implementation of the projects funded by the EU.

Ljubica Trajkovska

Ms Ljubica Trajkovska has a Master’s Degree in Economics with major in cost management. She has a vast experience in project and contract management, procurement procedures of works and service contracts following IFIs rules and procedures, working mainly on implementation of various projects funded by EBRD, EU IPA funds etc. Ms. Trajkovska is currently Chief Officer for International Communications in the Office of the Director and Team Leader for implementation of EBRD funded projects in the Public Enterprise for Railway Infrastructure Railways of Republic of North Macedonia.

Danijela Kapa

Ms Danijela Kapa is Head of Division for capital projects in the Ministry of Capital Investments of Montenegro. With over 20 years in both public and private sectors, Ms Kapa has vast experience in project management, professional development and strategic implementation. With broad experience leading large infrastructure projects financed by EU funds, her background includes functional analysis with the delivery of business process improvements, system integrations and project implementations under FIDIC and PRAG rules. Ms Kapa combines strong analytical and technical skills with effective project and program management.

Milena Milačić

Ms Milena Milačić is currently employed as implementation manager for IPA projects within Directorate for Capital Projects (Ministry of Capital Investments). her job entails providing technical support in implementation of actions financed through IPA activities. Ms Milačić is also engaged in several cross-border projects that are part of multilateral cooperation between Montenegro and neighboring countries. Her previous working experience within the same Ministry (previously named Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs) was in the sector for railway transport where she was involved in preparation on national rules for safety and interoperability of railway system and follow up of investment projects in railway sector.

Marija Grujić

Ms Marija Grujić was born in Bar, Montenegro in 1982. As she was interested in civil engineering, she studied and graduated on Civil and Architectural Faculty, University of Niš, and finished with an average score of 8.85. Her work experience starts in Podgorica in Railway infrastructure of Montenegro, as of July 2010 until today. Ms Grujić stayed at Civil infrastructure maintenance department as independent expert associate working on many railway infrastructure rehabilitation projects, on different phases regarding project implementation. Also, working on infrastructure maintenance includes reviews and organisation of infrastructure maintenance works. Ms Grujić tries to learn as much as she can and never misses the opportunity to accept new knowledge.

Jovan Brajović

Mr Jovan Brajović finished Transport and Traffic High school and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. He is a spec. sci in Economy. Mr Brajović has been working in railway sector for the last 14 years.

Teodora Milenković

Ms Teodora Milenković is Associate at Department for railways and intermodal transport within the Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia. She holds Master’s degree in traffic engineering and she has been working in the Ministry for almost two years. Ms Milenković is interested in many different topics about railways, such as transposition of EU legislation in the national legislation, but also implementation of the railway projects for modernization and reconstruction of the railway lines in order to make them as a unique part of EU railway network.

Aleksandra Milosavljević

Ms Aleksandra Milosavljević is a young professional employed in the Serbian Railways Infrastructure JSC as a Head of sub-department for superstructure in the Department for Civil Engineering. She holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Belgrade. She is hard-working, responsible, team player, superstructure specialist dealing with daily task in terms of project management, data analysis and office administration.

Filip Šćekić

Mr Filip Šćekić is a B.Sc. Transport and Traffic engineer employed in the Directorate for Railways (NSA) who works on railway traffic safety, safety certification and safety authorization, also involved in cooperation with National Investigation Body. Mr Šćekić is responsible, creative and witty person, who looks for new challenges and professional development.

Miloš Stanojević

Miloš Stanojević is currently employed as implementation manager for IPA projects within Directorate for Capital Projects (Ministry of Capital Investments). His job entails providing technical support in implementation of actions financed through IPA activities. Mr Miloš Stanojević is also engaged in several cross-border projects that are part of multilateral cooperation between Montenegro and neighboring countries. His previous work experience within the same Ministry (previously named Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs) was in sector for railway transport where he was involved in preparation on national rules for safety and interoperability of railway system and follow up of investment projects in railway sector.

Igor Mojanoski

Igor Mojanoski graduated in the field of Law at the Univesity of Sts.”Cyrilus and Methodius” Skopje, Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” Skopje. Nextly, he obtained master degree in Business Law at the same university and faculty. Mr Mojanoski began his work as a project assistant at Public Procurement project. In addition, he continued to work as a law clerk in Basic Civil Court Skopje. Nextly, Mr Mojanoski was working as an attorney-at-law in his own law office. His next working experience was as a legal researcher in non-governmental organization. His current work is as an international investments advisor in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Nikola Milić

Nikola Milić is 27 years old. He was born in Nikšić, where he finished high school. Mr Milić finished Civil engineering faculty in Podgorica and he works in Railway infrastructure of Montenegro.

Klea Hasanbelliu

After completing a Dual BA in Economics and Business Administration at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), Klea Hasanbelliu was looking for a challenging opportunity to manage and lead innovative projects where my skills, education, training and experience were fully utilized. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in Tirana in cooperation with the Summer School of Capacity Building of the Western Balkans offer her an opportunity to continue her professional journey in the First Summer School of Capacity Building of the Transport Community. This seminar promotes methods to carry out feasibility studies for infrastructure projects and especially useful recommendations when evaluating emerging technologies to support the objective of a sustainable, greener, more innovative and safer rail transportation system.