Monitoring Transport within WB and at EU – WB borders

The Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community is active since 16th March to help granting the “connectivity” between all partners in this difficult period. Beyond the reporting of the measures taken by the partners to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. The Permanent Secretariat, together with CEFTA secretariat, proposed to set up “green lanes” and “green corridors” within the region to secure the supply of essential goods through coordinated and accelerated border crossing / sanitary procedures.

In the meantime, the European Commission set up a monitoring of internal EU border crossings and proposed to the TCT to coordinate the monitoring of the border-crossing with Western Balkans to ensure constructive information sharing on policies and actions.

Having key links connecting to the Western Balkans and within the region will ensure effective, efficient and streamlined transport flows throughout Europe, which are vital at this time.

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Monitoring Transport within WB:


Monitoring Transport at EU – WB borders:


Please find a list of key BCP points for WB6 and WB-EU here.