Observing Participants

Observing Participants

The 6th Ministerial Council held on 15 November 2022 endorsed a Joint Statement calling for the more systematic involvement of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia as Observing participants in the relevant Transport Community bodies, including, but not limited to the Regional Steering Committee, the technical committees, the Social Forum, and the Budget Committee.

During the first half of 2023, the Secretariat organised a series of meetings on technical level per each transport mode and shared the information related to TCT strategic documents with the Observing participants, whose representatives have taken part in many TCT meetings and events.

The Regional Steering Committee (RSC) on 27 June welcomed information on strengthening cooperation with the Observing participants and encouraged their efforts to integrate more in the Transport Community activities. The Secretariat will provide an update on cooperation at the next RSC meeting in October.

Study visit to the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat was organized during May to welcome delegation from Georgia This was the opportunity to gain new perspectives and to share information regarding the state of play of legal approximation and network development in their country. Some of the main points discussed during the study visit were reviewing proposed action plans, identifying technical assistance needs and introduction to TCT strategic documents (TEN-T Report, Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy, Action Plan for the Implementation of the EU Social Acquis, TDG Guidelines, Five-year Rolling Plan TEN-T Development).

An online workshop with similar topic was implemented for the delegation from the Republic of Moldova, during which many issues regarding cooperation were discussed and based on bilateral conversation with their experts, some deadlines were agreed for future actions.

An attempt was also made to organize a similar study visit or online workshop for the delegation from Ukraine, but due to the current situation in the country, the implementation model proved difficult.  The exact model of realisation is yet to be determined.

Contact point for the Observing Participants:

Project Implementation Unit
Ms Branka Marković, Project Assistant 

Financed under grant NDICI-GEO-NEAR/2022/441-320   to the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat related to preparatory activities to support the progressive involvement of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in the activities of the Transport Community