Level Crossings Campaign

Public awareness campaign “It’s a Thin Line” targets a wide Western Balkans audience via dedicated events, printed materials, social media, TV and other communication channels to increase public awareness about dangers of rail/road intersections. A uniform slogan “It’s a Thin Line” was translated into local languages of Western Balkans regional partners. The main message of the campaign is strong and emotional, showing how a small carelessness can have serious consequences.

  • The campaign was based on a set of simple messages that aim to raise awareness of general public. Road safety is a key objective of the Transport Community and, due to the fact that 55% of all accidents on level crossings in the region result in fatalities or severe injures, this issue required our urgent attention. Level crossings in the region need to be upgraded and their safety improved. Public awareness campaign belongs to so called “soft” measures to improve safety and reach “Vision Zero” by 2050. The campaign also reinforces the narrative of rail as a sustainable, smart, and safe mean of transport.

The following campaign materials were produced by an advertising agency M2C from Belgrade: main campaign video, including versions in :

 animated educational videos warning about different kinds of dangers on level crossings; and flyers for truck drivers and students.