Technical Committee

Technical Committee on Road

The Technical Committee on Road was established by the Regional Steering Committee to address specific tasks related to roads. The committee is composed of representatives from the Contracting Parties, who propose solutions in their areas of responsibility to the Regional Steering Committee for final decisions. The Technical Committee is open to observers from all EU member states, and civil society organisations, which may be invited ad hoc. As per the 6th Ministerial Council Joint Statement from November 2022, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine have joined the Technical Committee as Observing Participants. The committee has the authority to establish its own rules of procedure and is chaired by a South East European Party, following the arrangements set forth in the rules of procedure.

Technical Committee on Road
11th meeting - Skopje, 04 April 2023
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations TCT Secretariat AP presentation Ministry of Transport and Communications – WB PP World Bank PIU North Macedonia ITS Strategy Roads Department of Georgia vision – Roads and Highways Land Transport Agency in Georgia TEN-T Annual Report presentation Action Plan Social Acquis and Passenger Rights ARUP TEN-T presentation
10th meeting – Brussels, 7 December 2022
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations Action Plan + Passenger Rights Alternative Fuels Reg Transport Community 7 Dec 2022 CONNECTA-Road Technical Committee Presentation Efti presentatin road TC E-tolling Directive TC_20_December_2022 MNE Transport TA Overview TCT Road Committee 7 12 2022 Road Technical Committee_TEN-T climate proofing_final TRT_Road_Technical_Committee
9th meeting - Belgrade, 05 October 2022
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations Presentation of ongoing activities concerning Tachographs  Action Plan Annual Monitoring Report TEN-T Annual Report presentation TC Road SSMS monitoring TC-Interoperability-Final_Wrap-up CONNECTA_SSM_9th RTC CONNECTA_ITS_9th_RTC DARS presentation
8th meeting - Tirana, 06 June 2022
Conclusions Agenda
7th meeting - Podgorica, 10 March 2022
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations TC Interoperability 4icom_Presentation CONNECTA_SSM and ITS_RTC 5-year rolling plan presentation
6th meeting - Hybrid meeting, 08 October 2021
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations TCT Action Plan Annual Monitoring Report 5-year Rolling work plan  Transport Observatory – state of play and way forward GIS for Resilient Road Networks
5th meeting - via Teleconference, 11 May 2021
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy Western Balkans perspective – road component TEN-T report 2020 – main findings in the Road sector
4th meeting - via Teleconference, 27 January 2021
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations Action Plan Roadshow – overview Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy – presentation Road Weather Information System – Serbia Road Assessment Management System – North Macedonia
3rd meeting - via Teleconference, 16 September 2020
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations Third Road Technical Committee TTF Project – World Bank ITS Strategy – Albania
2nd meeting - via Teleconference, 17 June 2020
Conclusions Agenda  Presentations Second Road Technical Committee
1st meeting - Belgrade, 12 February 2020
Conclusions Presentations Preparation of the Road Maintenance plans Strategic Framework for Implementation of ITS Roads Road User Charging in Europe Serbia Electronic Toll Collection Improving Road Network Resilience Draft Action Plan

The list of Technical Committee on Road members can be viewed here.