Ministerial Council

The Ministerial Council

The Ministerial Council ensures that the objectives set out in the Treaty are attained. It provides general policy guidelines, reviews progress on the implementation of the Treaty, gives opinions on the appointment of the Director of the Permanent Secretariat and decides on the seat of the Permanent Secretariat by consensus. The Ministerial Council consists of one representative of each Contracting Party. Participation as an observer is open to all EU Member States. The Ministerial Council meets on an annual basis.

The 6th Ministerial Council held on 15 November 2022 endorsed a Joint Statement calling for the more systematic involvement of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia as observing participants in the relevant Transport Community bodies, including, but not limited to the Regional Steering Committee, the technical committees, the Social Forum, and the Budget Committee.

The Ministerial Council is governed by the Rules of Procedure.

Declarations endorsed by Transport Ministers of the Western Balkans