Equal Opportunities


Transport is a male dominated sector that contains gender gaps throughout all levels of the workforce. Females represent 20% of the global transport workforce. If we look at the European Union, the average participation rate in the transport-related workforce was 22%, while the average female participation rate for the total workforce was 46%. A long way to go for a truly inclusive society. If we want a safe, secure, and accessible transport we need everyone at the table – women, youth and people with disabilities. It is a fact that women will have an increasingly important role to play in transport – especially where digital and green transport solutions will dominate the industry.

The Transport Community Permanent Secretariat (TCPS) has organised several events on the topic of gender balance in transport sector. The events highlighted the importance of political support to empower women to join the transport sector. Promotion of education opportunities, giving greater visibility to employment in the transport sector and offering training and professional development were noted as necessary preconditions to encourage women’s participation. Transport Community Permanent Secretariat will continue to continue with concrete measures that will reduce the existing gender gap by taking various initiatives that will impact positively accessibility and inclusion of women in transport sector in the Western Balkans.