Sustainable and Smart Mobility

Welcome to our platform dedicated to Sustainable and Smart Mobility. Our vision is to transform mobility in the Western Balkans by fostering the development of cleaner, safer, smarter, resilient, competitive, and sustainable transport system. Our goal is to connect people and businesses across the region and beyond, considering environmental impact of transport, thus unlocking new opportunities for growth and progress.

To guide toward green and digital transition, in July 2021, TCT Ministerial Committee welcomed Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy for Western Balkans which sets ambitious goals for decarbonisation of transport, achieving sustainable urban mobility and increase of environmentally friendly modes such as railways, inland waterway and short sea shipping. Strategy is mirroring EU strategy and is structured around three objectives: achieving Sustainable, Smart and Resilient Mobility. It is placing environmental aspects of transport in the same level to connectivity and economic ones. Aiming to making region connected but at the same time making transport greener, sustainable, and healthier for citizens of Western Balkans.

We are actively engaged in promoting alternative fuel infrastructure deployment, reduced vehicle emissions, climate proofing of transport infrastructure, sustainable urban mobility as well as digitalisation of transport sector. By advocating for sustainable practices and embracing digitalization in the transport sector, we strive to create a future-proof transportation system. We strongly believe in collaboration, working closely with EU and Regional authorities, private sector stakeholders, and international organizations to achieve our objectives. Moreover, our efforts align with climate neutrality goals, as we prioritize minimizing carbon emissions and promoting the usage of clean energy sources in transport.

On this platform, you’ll discover a wealth of resources related to our work in the sustainable and smart mobility. We offer comprehensive reports, insightful studies, and impactful policy documents that shed light on the current state of sustainable and smart mobility in the region. If you have any questions or wish to engage with our work, feel free to reach out to us and join us in shaping a promising future for sustainable and smart mobility in the Western Balkans.