Transport Community and the EU Acquis

The main aim of the Transport Community is the integration of transport markets of the Southeast European Parties with the EU. This is achieved through the adoption and implementation of transport related legislation, the EU Acquis Communautaire (as stipulated in ANNEX I to the Transport Community Treaty), and through the support and development of connectivity projects on the indicative extension of the Trans-European Network (TEN-T) that better connect not only the Western Balkans partners, but also the region with the EU. The Action Plans serve as a compendium/roadmap that will help the regional partners better plan and prioritise work in implementing the required legislation and improve the overall project planning. The four Action Plans endorsed by the Transport Community Ministerial Council in October 2020 and the Transport Community’s Action Plan on Waterborne and Multimodality endorsed in July 2021 comprise important steps and milestones. The Action Plans aim to guide the region in delivering safer, smart, and sustainable roads, a reliable, modern, and interoperable rail system, and reduced queuing times at borders. These Action Plans are key documents concerning the region, by the region and for the region.

Transport Community Permanent Secretariat issues regular reports to present the progress made in implementing the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat’s Five Action Plans and the state of play on the transposition of ANNEX I of the Transport Community Treaty.