Studies and Reports

Tolling interoperability in Western Balkans

September 2022

In 2022, Transport Community commissioned 4icom Group to carry out a study on ‘Baseline Assessment and financial implication to e-tolling interoperability in Western Balkans’.

The objective of the study was to draw up an overview of electronic toll collection in the Western Balkans region and to assess the opportunity of setting up interoperability.

The study outlines a tentative implementation plan enabling the Western Balkans to achieve electronic toll collection interoperability, first at the regional level and then at the European Union level, ensuring consistency with the current systems and taking into account the evolutions necessary to make the scheme compliant with the European Union directives.

Passenger Rights Report

February 2023

The objective of this report is to identify obstacles and barriers to accessibility in the region at the central rail and bus stations.

Progress Report on the Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility in the Western Balkans

December 2022

Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy for Western Balkans was developed to serve the region by setting common objectives and a list of common measures for making transport greener, sustainable, and healthier for citizens. The progress report demonstrates advancement in the implementation of the strategy from year to year and has been divided per three goals: Sustainable, Smart and Resilient Mobility which further cover 10 flagships and actions under them.

Progress report on the Guidelines on Transport of Dangerous Goods

November 2022

The report contains information concerning the EU Acquis on transport of dangerous goods (TDG) and tachographs as comprised in ANNEX I of the Transport Community Treaty. The report covers Guideline measures foreseen to be transposed and implemented in the short-term period (until 2023).

Preparation of selected main/detail designs for improving road safety conditions (risk elimination) along high risk sections in the TEN-T indicative core/comprehensive road networks in the Western Balkans

March 2020

Preparation of selected main/detail designs for improving road safety conditions (risk elimination) along high risk sections in the TEN-T indicative core/comprehensive road networks in the Western Balkans

CRM Monitoring Progress Report

November 2019

The purpose of this report is to present the progress of the implementation of Connectivity Reform Measure Management Plan (CRMMP) and accordingly to provide various stakeholders involved an objective view on where and by whom further efforts are needed.
Due to the closure of SEETO activities (December 2018) and the start of activities of Transport Community Treaty Permanent Secretariat in May 2019, this report provides an overview of the progress in the implementation of Connectivity Reform Measures (CRM), covering a longer period than usual, from October 2018 till October 2019.

Study for border-crossing facilitation and improvement

April 2019

The Study presents an institutional, technical, economic and financial assessment of 32 pairs of road BCPs/CCPs on the Core and Comprehensive Network in the Western Balkans , in order to implement one stop shops (OSS) and an electronic border queuing management system (eQMS).

Preparation of 5-year Road/Rail Maintenance Plans

December 2018

The aim of the reports is to provide an assessment of institutional and budgetary framework[s] for the road/rail maintenance, to propose best practice solutions with regard to the situation in the Western Balkans and to prepare the maintenance plan for 2019 – 2023 for the indicative extension of the TEN-T Road/Rail Core/Comprehensive Networks in the Western Balkans.

Component 1: Preparation of 5-year maintenance plan for Road Core/Comprehensive Network

Component 2: Preparation of 5-year maintenance plan for Rail Core/Comprehensive Network

Strategic Framework for implementation of ITS on TEN-T Core/Comprehensive Network

December 2018

The purpose of the Report is to provide a Regional ITS Strategic Framework for the extension of the Core and Comprehensive TEN-T Networks in the Western Balkans region covering all modes of transport.

A ‘Road Map’ for establishing a national system for continuous road crash data collection

June 2018

The core focus of the report is to develop a road map for the sequence of activities that must be undertaken by the WB Regional Participants to enable them to achieve a common approach to crash data collection, analysis and dissemination of statistical crash to all interested parties.

Preparation of RSI and RSA Plans and Pilots

May 2018

The purpose of these reports is to prepare short-term plans (2018-2020) for road safety inspection and audit for the whole Core and Comprehensive Road Network in the Western Balkans. Under the scope of work of this TA were carried out RSI pilots on 10% of the network identified as high-risk crash road sections and RSA in 6 projects.

Component 1: Prepare a three-year RSI plan and pilot RSIs on high-risk crash road sections

Component 2: Prepare a three-year RSA plan and RSA pilots in six projects