Transport Observatory

About the Transport Observatory

The South East European Parties of the Transport Community Treaty have pledged to ensure the development of the indicative extension of the TEN-T comprehensive and core networks to the Western Balkans, part of their broader commitment to progressively integrate their transport markets within the EUs.

Infrastructure development under the TEN-T Network policy framework is one of the key pillars of the Transport Community and is instrumental for achieving its key political objectives.

Part of this joint effort, the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community has been tasked to ensure the continuous monitoring of TEN-T Network performance in the region and draft consolidated biannual development plans. 

The Transport Observatory is the conceptual and methodological framework for the accomplishment of the above. It shall fulfil four main functions to be performed through two main analytical tools.

The Transport Observatory is deemed becoming the main information repository in relation with the TEN-T network in the Western Balkans, a regional hub of excellence and a reference guide for best transport practices. It shall provide:

The Transport Observatory is still work ongoing. It shall be gradually made operational under a staged approach, with the Information System becoming fully functional in 2023 and the transport modelling component being developed at a later stage.