Monitoring waiting time at Western Balkans/EU Member States borders: Quarterly assessment of the post-COVID 19 trends

Since the adoption of the Green Corridors/Lanes Joint proposal prepared by TCT Permanent Secretariat and CEFTA Secretariat to facilitate the transport and trade of essential goods within the Western Balkans, TCT Permanent Secretariat have been monitoring the waiting times at the borders in close cooperation with the respective authorities and making use of all available information sources.

During the month of June, the trends that were already visible in May have been confirmed. With some exceptions, the good-performing BCPs performed better while the problematic ones performed worse and the share of waiting time border values (<20 m and > 60 m) kept increasing.

Up until now, car passenger traffic doesn’t seem to have played any role in the above highlighted evolution, as only occasional peaks have so far been recorded. Freight traffic volumes and waiting times keeps showing certain weekly patterns, with more intense traffic being recorded from Sunday to Tuesday from Western Balkans towards EU Member States and the flow reversing on Thursday and Friday.

Full assessment can be found on the following link.