Monitoring waiting time at internal Western Balkans borders – June 2021

Since the adoption of the Green Corridors/Lanes Joint proposal prepared by TCT Permanent Secretariat and CEFTA Secretariat to facilitate the transport and trade of essential goods within the Western Balkans, TCT Permanent Secretariat have been monitoring the waiting times at the borders in close cooperation with the respective authorities.

TCT Permanent Secretariat has therefore carried out an assessment of the June 2021 trends. During June 2021, the waiting times across the region have remained stable, however with several increases. Presevo/Tabanovce was one of them, showing slight increase in waiting times on both directions and Dobrakovo/Gostun was another, showing a greater increase in both directions.

Note: data for BiH has not been delivered throughout the entire month of June, therefore waiting times could only be followed according to SRB data. Based on SRB data, there was a significant increase of waiting times on Sremska Raca/Raca during the second week of June (+36min), however this increase did not last for a long time, since the data showed that the waiting times returned to usual the next week.

Our full assessment can be found on the following link.