Third Social Forum

On the 11th May 2022, the 3rd Social Forum took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. The Forum was devoted to social issues in road transport, and it gathered more than 50 participants from regional partners, relevant EU institutions, key public authorities and non-governmental organisations from the Western Balkans region and the EU. This was the 3rd Social Forum in less than two year what reflects the importance we give to social dialogue within the Transport Community.  Furthermore, this was the first time that the Transport Community has organised a workshop on social dialogue focused on road transport, which will serve as a guideline for the regional partners in Western Balkans to engage further with all stakeholders in all modes of transport.

The 3rd Social Forum highlighted that more progress needs to be done concerning the implementation of road EU social acquis and the road passenger rights and the awareness about the passenger rights in road transport. It stressed the importance to fucus on the following areas in road transport social agenda: workers’ fundamental rights, health and safety at work and providing equal opportunities in the road sector. It has acknowledged that digitalization and modernisation is bringing challenges to the road sector, therefore a credible path is needed for the fair transition for transport workers.

3rd Social Forum Conclusions