Technical Committee on Transport Facilitation

Technical Committees

The Regional Steering Committee establishes technical committees, in the form of ad hoc working groups. The technical committee makes proposals in their sphere of responsibility to the Regional Steering Committee for decision. The technical committees consist of representatives of the Contracting Parties. Participation as an observer is open to all EU Member States. On an ad hoc basis, relevant civil society organisations, and in particular the environmental ones, shall be invited as observers. The technical committees adopt their rules of procedure. A South East European Party shall chair in turn over the technical committees in accordance with the arrangements laid down in rules of procedure.

Technical Committee on Transport Facilitation
1st meeting - Belgrade, 20 June 2019
Conclusions Presentations Multiannual action plan on REA Priority BCPs for WB6 Summit in Poznan Study on road BCPs facilitation Trade facilitation and REA MAP Transport and Trade facilitation project World Bank – TTF – towards a integrated Western Balkans
2nd meeting - Pristina, 17 October 2019
Conclusions Presentations Additional Protocol 5 on CEFTA Adripass project Chamber Investment Forum WB6 Road BCPs state of play Serbia
3rd meeting - Trieste, 5 December 2019
Conclusions Presentations BCP facilitation_Albania BCP facilitation_Bosnia and Herzegovina CEFTA state of play – Compatibility Mode Summary_ Seminar on port facilitation &intermodality TA for transport facilitation Transport facilitation plan Transport facilitation_Montenegro Transport facilitation_North Macedonia
4th meeting - Videoconference, 27 April 2020
Summary of the 4th TCTF  Presentations Transport Facilitation Action Plan TCTF COVID 19-WB6 CIF comments 4th TCTF – TCT presentation
5th meeting - Videoconference, 10 June 2020
Summary of the 5th TCTF  Presentations WBG ECA TFSP Presentation for Transport Community Galileo Green Lane 5th TCTF – TCT presentation
6th meeting - Videoconference, 22 September 2020
Summary of the 6th TCTF  Presentation 6th TCTF – TCT presentation
7th meeting - Videoconference, 25 January 2021
Summary  Presentation UNECE Working party on Intermodality Sustainable and Smart mobility strategy CEI ADRIPASS_ General presentation Action Plan road shows_ transport facilitation IFC NSW BP Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia
8th meeting - Videoconference, 10 May 2021
Summary  Presentation GSA Galileo platform 8th TCTF meeting update TTF update
9th meeting - Hybrid meeting, 07 October 2021
Summary  Presentation GSA Galileo platform 8th TCTF meeting update TTF update
10th meeting - Tirana, 29 March 2022
Agenda Summary  Presentation EUSPA CELBET

The list of Technical Committee on Transport Facilitation members can be viewed here.