Transparency Register

Transparency Register

The Transport Community Treaty Permanent Secretariat interacts with a wide range of groups and organisations representing specific interests. As the Permanent Secretariat is committed to being open about the groups and organisations with which interacts, it shall make public information on all meetings with organizations or self-employed individuals on issues relating to transport policy-making and implementation in the European Union and South East European Parties.

‘Organisation or self-employed individual’ shall refer to: Professional consultancies/law firms/self-employed consultants, In-house lobbyists and trade/business/professional associations (companies, groups, trade and business associations, trade unions and professional associations etc.), Non-governmental organisations, Think tanks, research and academic institutions. This notion does not include representatives of European Union institutions or bodies, national, regional and local authorities of EU Member States and of South East European Parties or international organisations.

The information to be made public shall consist of the date of the meeting, the location, the name of TCT Staff official, the name of the organisation or self-employed individual and the subject of the meeting.

Transparency Register is available on the following link Transparency-Register.