TEN-T in Western Balkans

Transport and trade do not stop at EU’s border. The extension of the TEN-T in accessing and other neighbouring countries have become an important instrument for EU’s external actions, better connecting regional markets and bringing its share to fostering peace, stability and prosperity.

Regulation no. 1315/2013 includes mas of the trans-European transport network extended to specific neighbouring countries, allowing Union to better focus its actions and to channel financial support towards projects of common interest.

As stated in the Brdo Declaration of 06 October 2021, “sustainable transport is a cornerstone of the economic and social integration of the EU and the Western Balkans”. The Western Balkans are geographically embedded into the EU, with neighbouring Member States such as Greece and Bulgaria relying heavily on the region’s infrastructure for their own connectivity with the rest of the Union. The region’s importance for the Union has been repeatedly stated at highest political levels and is duly reflected in key policy documents.

The maps  of the indicative TEN-T extensions of the core and comprehensive corrdiors to Western Balkans Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/758 of 4 February 2016 amending Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards adapting Annex III thereto.

Did you know that…?

TEN-T Network in Western Balkans includes:

  • 5,287 km of roads, out of which 3,540 km on the Core Network
  • 3,857 km of railways, of which 2,602 km on the Core Network
  • 1,345 km of Core Network Inland Waterways
  • 3 seaports, 4 inland waterways ports, and 10 airports
…out of 3,540 km of Core TEN-T roads, 1,564 km are built at motorway standard
…69.48% of the TEN-T Core Road Network is in a very good and good physical shape.
…73.04% of the Core Railway Network is electrified
…915.66 km of TEN-T roads are currently under various forms of upgrading for a total value of approx.. 8 billion EUR

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