TEN-T development plans

Connectivity lies at the very heart of our societies and economies. It fuels growth and prosperity while easing political tensions and supporting the swift integration of the region into the EU. Despite progresses made in recent years, the region still lays behind in terms of availability and quality of
transport connections, both intra-regional and with the EU.

The Regional Partners of the Transport Community are actively pursuing their own connectivity goals, but coordination at regional level still needs to be improved. The Transport Community has been tasked to fill the gap by preparing a coherent development strategy for the TEN-T indicative extensions in Western Balkans, ensuring thus transition from a patchwork to a network.

Building on existing project pipelines and relevant strategic guidelines and orientation, the Work Plan developed by the Transport Community identifies key priority projects for the region for a 5-year timeframe, in due observance of the available financial resources.

The 5-year work plan shall be revisited every 2 years, to keep it updated and fully relevant at every moment. The first edition of the document was endorsed by the Transport Community’s Ministerial Council on 18 May 2022.