Green Mobility Summer School Kicks Off in Pristina

PRISTINA – The Green Mobility Summer School officially kicked off in Pristina today, gathering experts and participants from across the Western Balkans and the EU to explore sustainable mobility solutions. The four-day event brings together various participants to discuss strategies and policies for a greener future of transport.

The opening saw remarks from H.E. Mr Tomáš Szunyog, EU Special Representative, Ms Ljupka Siljanoska, Deputy Director of the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat (TCT), and Ms Ivana Petricevic, Knowledge Management and Partnership Officer at ReSPA. The speakers highlighted the importance of cooperation and innovation in achieving sustainable mobility goals.

Opening the event, Ms Siljanoska said that a month ago, the Green Mobility Summit in Sarajevo encouraged leaders to endorse a declaration on green mobility which includes establishment of Clean Bus and Fleet Platform and declaration on cycling, aiming to put alternative modes of transport and reducing carbon footprints higher on the pollical agenda.

“In the coming days, you will learn how to address the challenges posed by a changing climate on the transport systems. You will explore how to design infrastructure that is resilient to extreme weather events and climate changes. You will have a possibility to discuss key deliverables from the Green Mobility Summit such as clean bus and clean fleet initiatives, cycling and multimodality,” she told the participants.

Throughout the first day, participants discussed the EU’s plans and strategies for green mobility, but also sustainable and smart mobility for the Western Balkans, underlining the authorities from the region’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Furthermore, they explored synergies between transport, energy, and the environment, and sustainable urban mobility plans. The day also included sessions on alternative fuels infrastructure and zero-emission mobility. The participants also had the opportunity to network and share ideas during the first day of the event.

The Green Mobility Summer School will also cover various aspects of smart and multimodal mobility, resilient infrastructure, and climate adaptation. Sessions will include discussions on infrastructure funding, sustainability in railways, mobility as a service (MaaS), and the implementation of ITS directives.

The participants will also have a chance to take part in a site visit to urban mobility projects in Pristina which will provide the participants with practical insights into the application of sustainable mobility solutions in the city.