10th Anniversary of the Port Governance Agency

21 April – The 10th anniversary of the Port Governance Authority, an agency which provides governance and management services for ports and inland waterways in Serbia, was marked today in Belgrade.

“During the last decade, the agency has more than lived up to its mission. The Transport Community Secretariat has closely followed its progress, and we are proud to stand here and acknowledge its remarkable achievements. In Serbia, waterways transport is a vital mean of connection with the rest of the Western Balkans and Europe. Furthermore, inland waterway transport is an important tool for the development of tourism in the region. There are many beautiful rivers and lakes that can be used for recreational purposes. By promoting inland waterway tourism, we attract more tourists, which will generate more revenue and create job opportunities,” Director Zakonjsek said at the ceremony.

The Port Governance Agency has been a valuable partner in dealing with challenges in waterborne transport, the development of European transport network, and it has played an essential role in the growth and sustainability of the ports. The agency’s dedication to providing high-quality governance and management services has had a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the transport infrastructure, contributing to economic growth and regional stability.