11th session of the TDG Committee – opens discussions on eCall and 112 and addresses environmental issues

The Technical Committee for Transport of Dangerous Goods met on 7 June 2023, in Belgrade to assess progress of its ongoing works and to look for ways further into development of safe and secure transport of dangerous goods.

The Regional Partners and Observing Participants continued the discussions on the necessity to translate the Annexes to the international agreements regulating carriage of dangerous goods by road -ADR and rail -RID during 2023 to keep up with technical and scientific progress.

New subjects on the agenda were:

The unique emergency number 112 and eCall

As a result of support offered by the Commission and the EU Member States within TAIEX assistance programs  (Montenegro –TAIEX Case ID ETT 81894 and Albania – TAIEX 33064) , fire prevention capacity building in case of accidents during the transport of dangerous goods, a discussion about the need to develop further emergency response  in the Western Balkans, in particular the EU unique emergency number 112 and eCall.

Environmental Acquis in Annex I.6 of the Transport Community Treaty and its connection with the activities of the Energy Community. After discussing several times, the importance of air related EU Directives, the Committee will now focus on the environment impact assessment, noise and water legal requirements. An intervention from the Energy Community also highlighted areas of further cooperation between the officials of the Regional Partners and Observing Participants and the two international organisations.

Capacity building for railways and plans for further developments – The European Union Agency for Railways informed about its ongoing efforts for capacity building, and programs to which both the Regional Partners and the Observing Participants are invited in order to bridge the gaps between the legal systems in the EU and in our partners. TC Permanent Secretariat also presented the plans for development of events for next year.

The Committee called upon further cooperation in all the areas mentioned above with the European Union and with other stakeholders.