Action Plans Roadshow in Skopje

Skopje, 10 December 2020: Transport Community Director Matej Zakonjšek, Minister of Transport and Communication Blagoj Bochvarski and European Commission Deputy Director-General Matthew Baldwin opened today an online workshop dedicated to Transport Community’s Action Plans. Following the opening session, regional stakeholders engaged in discussions on how to kickstart implementation in North Macedonia.

„Our four Action Plans for Road, Transport Facilitation, Rail and Road Safety are an instruction manual on all important steps and milestones to deliver on concrete aims: safer roads; reduced waiting time at border crossings; reliable and modern rail; and roads of the future with integrated green and digital elements. The documents are aligned with the European Commission’s Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans, which envisions EU investments in transport and connectivity projects that will contribute to further integration in the region and better ties with the EU – such as Corridor VII linking Skopje and Sofia,“ said Matej Zakonjšek, Director of Transport Community.

Minister Bochvarski recalled that Action Plans were endorsed by all regional partners at the Ministerial Council. „Considering the fact that these plans implies significant actions, we, as a Ministry of Transport, are making intergovernmental consultations and preparations how to implement these measures within the deadlines, but, at the same time, taking care about national strategies, programmes and procedures”, Bochvarski said.