“Connectivity Policy on the Balkans: Between Sustainability, EU-Integration and Geopolitical Challenges” Conference, Burgas


On 26 May, Director Zakonjšek gave his opening remarks at the conference organised by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Burgas on “Connectivity Policy on the Balkans: Between Sustainability, EU-Integration and Geopolitical Challenges” and shared views on sustainability of connectivity in the Western Balkans.

Moreover, Mr Zakonjšek informed the participants about the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat activities and identified measures within five action plans on: Rail, Road, Road Safety, Transport Facilitation, Inland waterways and Multimodality, as well as the strategic documents the aim of which is to guide and support the Western Balkans partners to achieve their common objective.

One of the key objectives of the named documents is to strengthen and further develop connectivity between the Western Balkans region and between the region and the EU MS. In addition to that, Mr  Mr Zakonjšek highlighted the importance of reforms/legislative measures, stating that connectivity is not just about constructing new roads/railways/ports or airports – CONNECTIVITY goes beyond construction. Sustainable connectivity require reforms that should go hand in hand with construction works.