Danube Region Transport Days 2022 “Towards Energy-Efficient, Sustainable transport”

Ljubljana – The Danube region transport days 2022: “Towards energy-efficient, sustainable transport” were held on 28 – 29 November. The meeting was organised by EUSDR PA1b coordinators in cooperation with the UNECE, the Transport Community and the OJP4 Danube Consortium under the auspices of the Slovenian Presidency of the EUSDR.

Discussions focused on making transport more sustainable and energy efficient in the light of new reality of high energy prices and the EU energy deficit as well as identifying possible ways and developments of energy efficiency in transport.

Meeting was opened by the Minister Bojan Kumer from Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure, TCT Director Mr. Matej Zakonjsek and Mr. Walter Nissler from UNECE who emphasized strategic importance of making transport greener and energy efficient for the environment and connectivity.

The first session presentations centered on new and innovative technologies to make transport more efficient such as energy-efficient airplanes, eco friendly trains with the latest alternative traction systems, electric truck as a service concept and hydrogen corridors in the EU and opportunities for its application in the transport sector.

During the second day, activities of international organization such as Transport Community Treaty, Energy Community Treaty and UNECE were presented followed by national case study examples of deploying e mobility and eco-friendly solutions for public transport in rural and peripheral areas.