Director Zakonjsek Opens the Conference on Transport Infrastructure in Brcko, BiH

The Ministry of Communication and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina recently spearheaded a pivotal conference on the transport infrastructure of Brcko district, marking a significant milestone in the country’s integration into the Trans-European Transport Network.

Attended by key transport stakeholders in BiH, the conference brought together Minister Forto, representing the Council of Ministers of BiH, Mrs Katic, Minister of Transport and Communication of Federation of BiH, Mr Stanimirovic, State Secretary in the Ministry of Transport of Republika Srpska, Mr Nišić, Mayor of Brcko and road and rail authorities of both entities.

A highlight of the event was the presentation by Mr Zakonjšek, Director of the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat presented,  who introduced the  TENT-T network in the Western Balkan region. He also unveiled the newly proposed Western Balkan Eastern Mediteranean Corridor, which seeks to foster connectivity between Regional Partners and neighbouring EU member states.

Emphasis was placed on core transport infastructure such as roads, rail and ports in Bosnia and Herzegovina with focus on projects that qualify for financing support from the EU. It was underlined that meticulous planning and thorough preparation of project documentation are essential prerequisites for securing funding and ensuring the efficient implementation of projects, both at the state level and within Brcko district.

This conference serves as a pivotal step forward in enhancing transport infrastructure connectivity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing the country closer to its goal of seamless integration within the TEN-T network and facilitating smoother regional and cross-border transportation.