Director Zakonjsek Visits Svilaj

21 January 2021 – Once operational, the Svilaj Bridge, connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina to its EU neighbor Croatia, will be an important link on Corridor Vc, the first major motorway and the largest ever infrastructure project in the country´s history.

“Today’s visit was an opportunity to review the on-going activities on Corridor Vc – one of the most important transport links in Western Balkans, and to see how we can move forward and make sure that Svilaj bridge and motorway become operational. The bridge also has a symbolic value – it is a sign of BiH and the region moving closer to the EU,” the Director of the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community Matej Zakonjsek said during a visit to the site.

The 600m long bridge over the Sava River is one part of the 109,5m EUR investment, that will support construction of 10km of motorway and border crossing facilities.

“Projects and policies are two sides of the same coin. For real progress, they have to go hand-in-hand. This is why Transport Community is also supporting transport facilitation, especially the establishment of joint border controls for freight and passengers. I hope that by June we will be able to visit joint border facilities at this location,” Zakonjsek said.

BiH Minister of Communication and Transport Vojin Mitrovic expressed political support to move forward on joint plans, including modernisation and good maintenance of roads. For Corridor Vc this means future development of ITS, regular maintenance and e-tolling and e-charging stations along the Corridor.