ERA and TCT Conduct European Vehicle Register Training in Skopje and Tirana

SKOPJE/TIRANA – During May, the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), in partnership with the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat, conducted a comprehensive training program on the European Vehicle Register (EVR) in Skopje and Tirana. This initiative aimed to equip experts from three Regional Partners with the practical skills and knowledge essential for effectively utilising the EVR.

The EVR serves as a centralized database containing information on rolling stock operating within the European rail network. It plays a crucial role in ensuring interoperability, safety, and efficiency in cross-border rail operations. By providing comprehensive data on registered vehicles, the EVR facilitates streamlined processes for regulatory compliance, maintenance planning, and asset management.

Participants in the training sessions were presented with the intricacies of the EVR through practical exercises and interactive sessions. The programme focused on understanding the features and capabilities of the EVR platform, including data entry, retrieval, and analysis.

Participants also learned how to navigate regulatory requirements and ensure adherence to EU standards for vehicle registration and certification. Additionally, they explored the role of the EVR in promoting interoperability across rail systems, fostering seamless cross-border operations. The exchange of knowledge and best practices with peers and industry experts further enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of EVR utilisation.

ERA and the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat underline the importance of partnership and cooperation in advancing rail transport objectives in the region. By leveraging expertise and resources, initiatives such as this one empower Regional Partners with the tools and knowledge necessary to harness the full potential of modern European systems.

As the rail industry continues to evolve, initiatives like the EVR training programme are key for driving innovation and excellence. By equipping professionals with the skills and insights needed to navigate complex regulatory frameworks and leverage digital solutions, we create a more connected, efficient, and sustainable rail network.