European Vehicle Register (EVR) Training Session for Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the 8 June together with the EU Agency for Railways we organized a training session on European Vehicle Register (EVR) for Bosnia and Hercegovina in Doboj. The training session provided participants with valuable insights into the latest developments in the railway sector. Participants had the opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn about best practices, and build new partnerships and networks. The focus was on the web-based management of train allocation, recording vehicle registration, and updates.

We were glad to have an EU Agency for Railways  expert and practitioner share their invaluable insights and experiences during this training session. Their expertise will further enrich their understanding of the railway sector and contribute to their ongoing efforts to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness.

The European Vehicle Register (EVR) Training session for Bosnia and Herzegovina was an informative workshop that plays a crucial role in preparing for the transfer of data from the National Vehicle Register to the European Electronic Vehicle Register (EEVR).