Expert Panel on Connectivity

Brussels – Transport Community delegation took part in expert panel “An Integrated Concept of Connectivity for the CEI Region” organised under the auspices of the Bulgarian presidency of the Central European Initiative (CEI). In his opening remarks, Director Matej Zakonjšek noted that Improving transport connectivity is among  Transport Communities’ priorities, with focus on safe, reliable and interconnected infrastructure, and quick, secure and efficient passing through internal borders in the Western Balkans, as well as between the region and the European Union.

” Progress achieved on the ground is visible, as some important projects have become operational, making their contribution to current TEN-T Network shape and performance. Furthermore, on 5 December, at the EU Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (Transport), an agreement was reached on the first-ever Western Balkans European Transport Corridor. It paves the way for greener, smarter and more resilient transport,” Zakonjšek said.