Freight border waiting times monitoring in Western Balkans – yearly overview – 2020/2021

Mirroring the European Commission Green Lanes initiative, the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat (TCPS) and the Central European Free Trade Agreement Secretariat (CEFTA) undertook similar action to secure the supply chains for essential products and uninterrupted flow of goods on the TEN-T Network in Western Balkans. Being embraced by all Regional Partners, such initiative proved instrumental for ensuring seamless freight flows on major TEN-T routes in Western Balkans, helping the region to better cope with the unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic.

Since the adoption of the Green Lanes initiative by all Regional Partners, TCPS have been continuously monitoring the freight transport waiting times in the selected Border Crossing Points/Common Crossing Points (BCPs/CCPs). Started in a moment of deep crisis, the freight waiting times watching has further become a routine practice, performed under the TCPS legal mandate of monitoring the performance of the TEN-T Network in Western Balkans.

Full report is available on the following link.