Green Lanes and Solidarity Lanes as Response to Crises


Budva, 16 May – The extension of the Green Lanes to the Western Balkans, as an answer to the sanitary crisis in 2020, and the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes, a result of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, are good examples  that addressed transport and trade blockages and highlighted the importance of long-term transport and trade facilitation measures, such as multimodal infrastructure, international transit agreements, digitalisation of procedures, and sharing pre-arrival information for the movement of goods.

Given these developments, the Western Balkans parties and Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova share a common denominator when it comes to the development of their transport policy and network:  the need to work together and with the European Commission on setting the same standards and quality of service along a truly interconnected TEN-T Network that will link Europe with Central Asia, opening up the possibilities for new trade routes or strengthening the existing ones.