Improving Rail Systems in the Western Balkans

Transport Community Treaty Permanent Secretariat (TCT) and European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), organised six rail related workshops in each of the six Western Balkans partners (WB6).

During the last two months, TCT and ERA executed six successful workshops on rail. Based on the Administrative agreement between our two organisations, workshops gathered rail stakeholders from the region and European Commission experts in an effort to identify needs and challenges in the areas of safety and interoperability. Furthermore, technical assistance was offered to all partners based on the expressed needs.

“Our online rail workshops, which gathered hundreds of regional stakeholders, are a first concrete result of the MoU signed with ERA. In order to develop in the Western Balkans a rail system which is safe, environmentally and socially sustainable, and inter-connected with the EU, we need to quickly identity any obstacles in implementation and resolve them together, which was the main goal of the workshops”, said Matej Zakonjšek, Director of Transport Community.

This kind of close cooperation between all stakeholders will support the improvement of rail systems in Western Balkans in accordance with the TCT – ERA Administrative agreement and the TCT Rail Action Plans, which were politically endorsed in October 2020 by all regional partners.