Maritime Activities in Durres – TAIEX Mission, Technical Committee, Centre of Excellence for Maritime Affairs (CEMA)

Last week the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat organised several activities in the field of waterborne transport and Multimodality.

TAIEX Expert Mission on Recognition of Albanian Seafarers’ certificates from the European Union

The TAIEX Mission took place from 21-23 June 2023 in cooperation with Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and Maritime Administration in Durres. The aim of the mission was to facilitate knowledge, share best practices, training procedures, and certificate issuance for seafarers. Two experts from Transport Malta and the Ministry of Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure in Croatia were present to provide guidance to the participants. They shared valuable insights on the necessary procedures that Albania must follow to obtain recognition under the International Convention for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, as well as the relevant EU Directive 2022/993. The mission concluded with a visit to one of Albania’s Training Centers for Seafarers, known as the TSTS Group, further enhancing the practical understanding of the participants.


6th Technical Committee meeting for Waterborne Transport and Multimodality

On 22 June 2023 the 6th Technical Committee meeting for Waterborne Transport and Multimodality took place in Durres. The meeting focused on  “The human element – Compliance Challenges and Opportunities for Seafarers”. The participants from 24 institutions (DG MOVE, IMO, EMSA, ministries and maritime agencies of the Regional Partners and observer participants, training universities and centres, technical assistance, NGO-s etc.) related to waterborne transport shared views and ideas regarding the human element in waterborne transport and contributed to the development of a skilled and sustainable workforce, ensuring their well-being, promoting regional cooperation, and enhancing the overall safety, security and protection of marine environment within the Region and beyond.


Strengthening the institutional capacities of Centre of Excellence for Maritime Affairs (CEMA)

On 23 June 2023 in the premises of Durres Port Authority a meeting between CEMA and the European training centre for intermodal transport and logistics “Escola Europea” was organised. The meeting was organised in the framework of improvement of institutional capacities of CEMA (Action Plan for Waterborne Transport and Multimodality). During the meeting the participants discussed the possibilities for the future cooperation between two centres for deployment of common trainings on port logistic and intermodally.