Meeting with Minister of Communications and Transport Vojin Mitrovic


13 April 2021 – Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Vojin Mitrović met today with the Director of Transport Community Permanent Secretariat Matej Zakonjšek in Transport Community Headquarters in Belgrade to discuss regional connectivity and transport infrastructure projects in BiH.

“The meeting was an opportunity to review progress on infrastructure projects on Corridor Vc – Svilaj border crossing, Gradiška bridge and investment in railways. We also presented our plans to increase safety of level crossings in the region. Bosnia and Herzegovina, as one of regional partners that takes active part in the work of the Transport Community, is on good track to negotiate and sign bilateral agreements on one-stop controls with its neighbours.,” Zakonjšek said.

One-stop / integrated border crossings were highlighted by both interlocutors as one of the concrete steps that will further strengthen regional cooperation and bring benefits to citizens. Transport Community is actively supporting the establishment of one-stop border crossings, as the most advanced example of regional cooperation that will shorten waiting times and make travel easier.

“Economic exchange should be one of the basic parameters in bilateral relations, but for international transport, the chances should be equal for all, so that the quality and reliability of transport come first. The challenges are, first of all, the completion of the Corridor Vc through BiH, removing bottlenecks along Sava River bank, modernisation of the airport, and the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure on the indicative TEN-T network,” Mitrović said.  Demining of the area around Save River is a flagship project with a strong regional impact. Once this process is completed, inland waterway transport in this part of Western Balkans will be significantly improved. The project is part of the Economic and Investment plan for the Western Balkans and the Transport Community will support all the necessary actions for its implementation.