PRESS RELEASE: 20th Regional Steering Committee meeting: Renewal of the mandate of Director and Deputy Director of Transport Community Permanent Secretariat

Belgrade, 27 June – The 20th Regional Steering Committee (RSC) meeting of the Transport Community was held today in Belgrade and online. The Permanent Secretariat delivered an update on the activities, studies and actions taken in the 2nd quarter of 2023.


The TCT Secretariat has provided an update to the RSC that the final testing round of the Transport Observatory (TODIS) began on June 20th and is nearing completion. TODIS, will be a comprehensive analysis and reporting toolset for transport network in the region. It will generate data and customize reports, facilitating performance monitoring for the TEN-T network in the Western Balkans. It will serve a variety of stakeholders, contributing to improving transport data management, simplifying workflows and reporting procedures.


The TCT Secretariat presented a draft report on the study “Assessment of the Rail Market in the Western Balkans in Terms of Capacities, Policies, Economic and Technical Level of Development of Freight and Passenger Transport Segments”. The study, will be finalised in August 2023  and aims to create a structure and data collection form for the report on Western Balkan Rail Market Monitoring, serving as a baseline for 2021, and to update existing plans, studies, and inventories regarding rail transport in the region. Finally providing an overview and incorporating the latest strategies and data to enhance understanding and monitoring of the Rail Market in the region.


Following the positive opinion of the Ministerial Council of Transport Community the RSC also adopted the decision on the renewal of mandates of the Director and Deputy Director of the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community. On this occasion, Director Zakonjšek, expressed his gratitude to the Regional Steering Committee and the Ministerial Council of Transport Community. In the next three years, the work of the Transport Community will be focused on further integration of the Western Balkans transport market into the European Union with the next Generation Action Plans, achieving market integration of rail transport, operationalising Western Balkans – Eastern Mediterranean European Transport Corridor and with Secretariat’s assistance establishing stronger connections among policy reforms and connectivity projects.


Press contact:

Martina Hakl