Project Kick-off: Level Crossings Safety Improvement

14 April 2021 – Today, The Transport Community Treaty Permanent Secretariat hosted a meeting where all South East European Parties as final beneficiaries launched the project “Level Crossings Safety Improvement on the railway network of the Western Balkan”.

Zero deaths or seriously injured because of road accidents on railway crossings is one of Transport Community’s primary goals. Our mission is to help governments in the region to make roads safer for everybody. To achieve this we focus on reducing safety risks, increasing capacity and performance across the rail network and reducing operational and financial risks for the railways.

Transport Community Permanent Secretariat together with its six regional partners initiated a project “Safety Improvement on the Level Crossings in Western Balkans” in order to achieve these goals. The project will consist of “soft” and “hard” measures. Soft measures will include mapping of the most critical level crossings in the region (numbers, allocation, traffic flow, number of accidents, fatalities etc.), public awareness campaign, educational campaign and legal framework changes. Hard measures will include procurement and installation of safety equipment for increasing the level of safety on targeted level crossings. Both packages will have an ultimate goal of decreasing the number of accidents on level crossings.

This project will be executed with support of JASPERS as one experienced organisation which will add additional value to the project and it will increase its quality.