Regional Partners visited Slovenia for the 12th Road Technical Committee and a Study visit on audit of tachographs systems

The 12th Road Technical Committee (RTC) Meeting took place on 4 July 2023 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This meeting brought together experts and stakeholders from the transport sector of the Western Balkans, as well as Georgia and Moldova, to engage in fruitful discussions and exchange best practices regarding road infrastructure development and the implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

The meeting commenced with opening remarks delivered by Mr Matej Zakonjšek, the TCT Secretariat Director, andMr  Marjan Kopevski, the RTC Chair. Their speeches set the stage for the productive discussions that ensued throughout the event. The main topic of the meeting was the presentation of the Road Action Plan – Annual Monitoring Report, showcasing the progress made in this regard. The Social Acquis Action Plan was also addressed, shedding light on its current status. Moreover, detailed updates on the progress of the EIP projects were provided.

During the session on Technical Assistance state of play, the focus was on enhancing climate resilience in the Western Balkans. Ms Ivana Stevanovic and Mr Milos Marjanovic from Arup shared their insights, presenting effective strategies to bolster climate resilience in the region.

In the afternoon, participants embarked on a study visit to the premises of DARS (Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia). Mr Matej Vovk, Head of the National Centre for Traffic Management, offered valuable insights into the national regulatory framework governing the deployment of ITS in Slovenia. He also discussed alignment with EU legislation and relevant directives, highlighting successful examples of ITS implementation in compliance with EU regulations. Following the presentation, the attendees were guided by Mr Brane Nastran, Head of DARS Transport Information Centre, to visit the main Traffic Management Center. During the visit, the speakers provided in-depth explanations of ITS deployment and its associated benefits.

On 5 July, the Regional Partners engaged in a study visit focused on the audit of tachograph systems. The visit included a trip to the Slovenian company CELTIS, where the participants were first greeted with a presentation by the company’s employees. This presentation provided valuable insights into the tachograph card issuance process, delivered by Ms Strnad from CETIS. Additionally, Mr Igličar from Road Transport presented the reasons behind conducting audits, the tender preparation process, and the implementation of administrative audits.

The study visit also involved observing the implementation of procedures and visiting the premises that were subject to the audit. This allowed the participants to gain firsthand knowledge of the audit process and its practical implications. Furthermore, a specific site related to the audit of tachographs was selected for the participants to visit, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the audit procedures.

In addition to the tachograph audit study visit, the Regional Partners also had the opportunity to visit the AMZS polygon for Road Safety. This visit aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding of road safety practices and initiatives. Exploring the AMZS polygon provided valuable insights into measures taken to promote road safety and create awareness about safe driving habits.

Overall, the study visit on tachograph audits and the visit to the AMZS polygon for Road Safety were insightful and enriching experiences for the Regional Partners, offering valuable knowledge and practical perspectives in their respective fields.