Registration Open: Conference on Sustainable and Decarbonised Airports in Western Balkans


The event has been postponed for 2024.

WESTERN BALKANS – The Transport Community announces upcoming “Sustainable and Decarbonised Airports in Western Balkans” conference to promote sustainability and resilience within the aviation sector in the Western Balkans and beyond.

To support the region’s transition to sustainable mobility, the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community, along with representatives from regional ministries of transport, has developed a Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy for the Western Balkans. One of the strategic milestones outlined in this strategy is the transformation of all airports into zero-emission nodes.

As we work toward our shared goals of sustainable development and environmental stewardship, it is crucial to transform airports into sustainable hubs that minimise their environmental impact while maximising efficiency and the passenger experience. Achieving this transformation requires additional incentives and enhanced collaboration within our region. The event is specifically tailored for representatives from Airport Managers, Civil Aviation Authorities, Ministries of Transport, and industry stakeholders. It serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, best practices, and exploring innovative solutions.

Conference Details:

  • Date: 14 December
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Conference objectives:

  1. Discussing the implementation of sustainable practices in airport operations, including energy efficiency and emissions reduction;
  2. Exploring the role of technology and innovation in enhancing the sustainability and intelligence of airport infrastructure and operations;
  3. Sharing experiences and success stories from the Western Balkans region and beyond, highlighting sustainable airport initiatives and their impact;
  4. Identifing policy frameworks and strategies that promote sustainable aviation and multimodal connectivity within the Western Balkans region;
  5. Fostering partnerships and collaborations among stakeholders to drive the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies in airport operations.


To register for the Conference please click on the link below.


We eagerly anticipate your participation in this crucial event, which aims to promote the sustainability agenda in the Western Balkans and beyond. Please register by 20 November 2023 to confirm your attendance, and feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for additional information.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Conference Coordinator, Mr Nedim Begović via email:


Background Information:

Promoting cleaner and more sustainable transportation is a crucial aspect of transport policy in both the European Union and the Western Balkans Region. This commitment is evident in key political documents from the European Commission, such as the Green Deal, Green Agenda, Economic and Investment Plan, and EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

The conference aligns with the vision for cleaner, safer, more intelligent, greener, resilient, competitive, and sustainable transportation – an essential driver in both the European Union and the Western Balkans region. It addresses critical aspects of sustainability, including compliance with TEN-T airport requirements, terminal availability, road/rail connections to airports, and airport sustainability. These aspects are vital for achieving seamless interoperability and connectivity across Europe.