Save the Date: 5th Social Forum – Engaging Social Partners and Civil Society for a Green Mobility Transition

WESTERN BALKANS – Join us at the 5th Social Forum, themed “Engaging Social Partners and Civil Society for a Green Mobility Transition,” scheduled to take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 6 June 2024. The forum serves as an inclusive platform where stakeholders from diverse backgrounds converge to collaborate on shaping a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for mobility. Participants, including social partners, civil society organisations, and stakeholders, will work towards contributing to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable mobility transition.

Date and Place:

  • 6 June,  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Key Highlights:

  • The event will feature two panel discussions focusing on environmental and social impacts of the green transition.
  • The first panel, “A Socially Just Green Mobility Transition,” will explore social implications of transitioning to green mobility, ensuring inclusivity and addressing the needs of workers, local communities, and vulnerable groups.
  • The second panel, “Social Partners and Civil Society Engagement in Green Mobility Transition,” will concentrate on the implementation of the Economic and Investment Plan (EIP), emphasising good governance and the involvement of social partners and civil society organisations in project cycle management. Key highlights include presentations by transport/environment specialised CSOs and think tanks on EIP impacts, as well as insights from ministers representing Regional Partners on selected EIP flagship transport projects.

Mark your calendars for advancing sustainable and intelligent transport solutions!