SEE Mobility Fair Unveils Transformative Future for Western Balkans Railway Infrastructure

The 4th SEE Mobility Fair opened on 30 May, bringing together industry leaders, stakeholders, and distinguished guests to showcase the transformative future of railway infrastructure in the Western Balkans. With a market spanning in the Western Balkans region and a population of 20 million, the region holds immense potential for growth and development. Projected investments exceeding 10 billion EUR in the next decade underscore the urgent need to revitalize railway and road infrastructure. The fair aims to prioritize sustainable transport, economic growth, and improved quality of life for citizens.

The Transport Community, committed to cooperation and development in the transport sector, leads the journey towards a modern and integrated transport system. The fair provides a platform for knowledge sharing, fostering new partnerships, and driving innovation in the region.

Key priorities identified by the Transport Community include enhancing regional connectivity, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transport solutions, and creating an enabling environment for innovation and smart mobility. With 15 ongoing or finance-secured railway infrastructure projects worth 2.8 billion EUR, and over 25 projects in preparation worth approximately 10 billion EUR, the railway network in the Western Balkans is poised for significant transformation.

To ensure long-term success, comprehensive reforms are necessary. These reforms encompass regulatory frameworks, governance structures, operational efficiency, and customer-oriented services. They aim to streamline operations, improve service quality, enhance safety measures, and promote financial sustainability.

By combining infrastructure development with reforms, the Western Balkans seeks to achieve a balanced and sustainable railway system that meets evolving mobility needs. The fair also celebrates the contributions of companies engaged in cooperation with the Transport Community, promoting a connected and sustainable transport sector.

The SEE Mobility Fair serves as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and progress, propelling the Western Balkans closer to its vision of a transformed transport industry.