Transport Community Discusses Education in Transport for Sustainable Cities

NOVI SAD – The Transport Community Secretariat played an active role in the recently held international conference Towards a Humane City held in Novi Sad from 19 to 20 October. The event served as a gathering point for academics, leaders, innovators, and those involved in transportation to collaborate and shape the future of cities focused on sustainability and people.

The Transport Community is committed to fostering connectivity and cooperation in the Western Balkans and beyond, with a strong focus on enhancing transportation networks, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting eco-friendly urban development.

One of the noteworthy moments at the conference was a panel discussion featuring Transport Community’s experts. The discussion revolved around the theme of “Education in Transport: Perspectives from Academia and Industry.” During this panel, there was significant interest in the idea of establishing the Regional Railway Centre of Excellence, with attendees expressing a desire to broaden this concept to include various other modes of transportation.

On the following day, the organisation’s representatives delivered a comprehensive presentation that offered a detailed look at ongoing rail reforms in the Western Balkans, particularly focusing on aligning rail legislation with national legal frameworks. It also presented the development of the TEN-T Network, highlighting current projects with secured financing and offered insights into expected infrastructure conditions by 2027.

The Transport Community commends the organisers for hosting this important conference and hopes that the tradition of bringing together experts to shape sustainable, human-centric cities will continue in the future.