Transport Community, Inland Waterway Stakeholders Discuss Improving Navigability of Sava, and Danube Rivers

GOLUBAC – The picturesque shores of the Danube River in Golubac, Serbia, have set the stage for a gathering of key inland waterway transportation stakeholders. On 10 October, the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat hosted the workshop on infrastructure development and opportunities for improving navigability of the Sava and Danube rivers to discuss the pursuit of a sustainable and efficient inland waterway network.

Inland waterway transportation holds immense potential for economic growth, environmental sustainability, and regional cooperation. The workshop explored possible ways of enhancing the infrastructure and navigability of the Sava and Danube rivers, which serve as vital arteries for transport and commerce in the region.

In her opening remarks, Transport Community’s Head of Division in charge of Project Preparation and Financing, Ms Tatjana Jovanović Štiglić, emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges and opportunities in waterborne transport. She underlined the Transport Community’s commitment to promoting sustainable and smart mobility, especially in the context of inland waterways.

The workshop featured presentations from various international institutions and inland waterway ports, showcasing ongoing policies, projects, and technological innovations that are shaping the future of inland waterway transport. Notably, the inclusion of waterway ports from the Western Balkans in the TEN-T extension network, such as the Port of Pančevo in the Core Network, signifies the region’s recognition of inland waterway transport as a crucial element of the EU’s transport network.

Through these discussions, the workshop shared experiences, and innovative ideas, with the goal of developing actionable strategies and collaborative initiatives that will shape the future of inland waterway transportation in the region. The event offered a platform for forging new partnerships, engaging in productive discussions, and working towards a more sustainable future for the Sava and Danube rivers.

This workshop is part of continuous efforts of the Transport Community to facilitate, coordinate, and support projects aimed at enhancing these vital waterways, promoting economic growth and environmental policies within the region.

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