Transport Community Launches Its Transport Observatory (TODIS) for Key Stakeholders’ Use

TIRANA – A high-profile gathering of key stakeholders, including the European Commission, Eurostat, EU Member States, European Investment Bank, UNECE, and CEFTA, alongside representatives from all six Regional Partners of the Transport Community convened to discuss about transport data management and information systems. The event took place in Tirana on 23 November 2023.

Centered around the theme “Transport Data Management: Pioneering the Way to Enhanced Decision-Making and Public Policy”, the event was occasioned by the launching of the long-expected Transport Observatory Database/Information System (TODIS), the flagship project of the Transport Community. As a flagship project, TODIS aims at supporting transport development in the region with data-driven decision-making.

In his opening remarks, Vice Minister of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania, Mr Ami Kozeli, underlined the importance of effective data management in fostering an informed and sound decision-making process.

“Appropriate data is crucial for drafting evidence-based sectorial policy. Nowadays, advanced information systems greatly facilitate the process to the benefit of decision makers and, ultimately, the infrastructure end users and the general public. We enthusiastically welcome the rollout of TODIS and are eager to contribute to further advancing Albania’s integration within the Transport Community,” Mr Kozeli pointed out.

Deputy Director of the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community, Ms Ljupka Siljanoska, noted that the unveiling of TODIS represents the start of an a journey toward more concrete data management in the Western Balkans.

“The launch of TODIS is a game-changer for the Transport Community. The innovative features and capabilities it brings to the table will undoubtedly transform the way we approach and use data in the transport sector,” Ms Siljanoska highlighted.

TODIS stands poised to significantly alter the landscape of the Transport Community, setting new standards for data management, decision-making, and policy formulation for the Western Balkans region.