Transport Community Summer School

Sarajevo, 21 June – The annual Summer School of Transport Community focused on roads will take place in Sarajevo 21 – 24 June. The event, co-organised with the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) and the International Road Federation (IRF) and was officially opened by the Minister of Communications and Transport Mr Vojin Mitrović.

 “The primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the Region are the energy and transport sectors, encompassing two-thirds of the overall share. The transport sector represented 16 per cent of these emissions in 2018. Having more zero-emission vehicles and e-charging stations will reduce overall GHG emissions and improve city air quality. If we do not react now, we are risking enormous losses for the economies of the Region as we had during the 2014 floods, and the trend is most likely to continue if direct actions are not taken,” Director Zakonjšek said.

 The Summer School offers participants from the Western Balkans an opportunity to gain sound knowledge and understanding of latest development at EU and regional level specifically focusing on safe, smart and sustainable roads. The four day event in Sarajevo is designed as a forum to exchange knowledge and best practices within the region and with EU MS.

It builds upon Transport Community most recent policy documents and events in the road sector such as: the Road Action Plan and Road Safety Action Plan that guide the region to develop climate resilient, intelligent, and resource-efficient TEN-T road network by incorporating green and smart elements in road investments at the same time promoting safety management, safer infrastructure, and protection of road users; the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy for Western Balkans and Ministers Declaration on development of safe, smart and sustainable roads.