Transport Community’s Study Visit in Bratislava Promotes European Labor Cooperation

BRATISLAVA – A recent study visit to the capital of Slovakia organised by the Transport Community, held from 11 to 13 October, brought together regional partners and observers to explore the work of the European Labor Authority (ELA) and witness roadside checks conducted by the Slovak National Labor Inspectorate. The visit aimed to promote cooperation and understanding on labor mobility, social security coordination, and road transport, with a special emphasis on Mobility Package I, a set of rules for the road transport sector applicable across the EU.

Participants received a warm welcome at ELA, where they gained insights into the agency’s mission and priorities. Key discussions focused on facilitating labor mobility, sharing information, and cooperation in the context of road transport. The visit also explored ELA’s role in road transport, focusing on Mobility Package I, regulations concerning driving and resting times, and support for cross-border enforcement.

On the study visit’s second day, the participants got a hands-on experience by observing a real roadside check conducted by the National Labor Inspectorate near Bratislava. This firsthand look provided a deeper understanding of labor inspection procedures and standards used by the Inspectorate. After the roadside check, the visit wrapped up closing remarks, highlighting key takeaways from practical observation.

The study visit to Bratislava was marked by a rich exchange of insights, fostering cooperation and understanding in the realms of labor mobility and social security coordination.

Photo: European Labor Authority