Welcome Message from our Director


Dear visitor,

as Director of Transport Community Secretariat, allow me to briefly share with you the vision of our organization.

I believe that our citizens expect their governments to provide them with sustainable connectivity. For that we need to build, rehabilitate, and connect the transport infrastructure, based on a forward-looking transport policy.

With the main focus on integration of transport markets of six Western Balkan regional partners into the EU, the Transport Community plays a crucial role in achieving this goal

We are assisting our partners to adopt and implement EU’s legislation in the field of transport and supporting projects that are connecting Western Balkans partners among themselves and with the EU.

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed tremendous challenges on transport of goods and connectivity between Western Balkans partners as well as with the EU. At the same time, the new economic opportunities lie ahead of us, and we will need all our knowledge and ingenuity to sail through the current stormy weather and onwards to economic recovery.

This is also a time for a new momentum for the EU – Western Balkans relations. The revised enlargement methodology has invigorated the European perspective of the entire region, with the opening of negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia. Finally, Zagreb’s EU – Western Balkans summit has among other initiatives injected unprecedented financial stimulus of more then 3,3 billion Euros that is going towards the response to COVID-19 as well as economic recovery of the region. Transport and connectivity are the basic enablers for that, so I am confident that this stimulus will positively reflect on our sector.

At the same time, we need to strengthen our efforts to reform transport policies, adopt and implement the European acquis, and deliver on the Connectivity Agenda reforms. Projects and policy are two sides of the same coin. The Permanent Secretariat is actively supporting the administrations of Western Balkans parties on the reform path.

Under the guidance of the Regional Steering Committee, I am working to realize our joint priorities:

1) We need to make travel with rail possible and attractive for our citizens again. We should invest in rail systems and support multimodal solutions in the region in order to move as much cargo from roads to rail as well as to better use inland waterway and maritime transport. This will help business, make the air cleaner and roads safer.

2) There should be no more dead or seriously injured because of road accidents on our roads (and railway crossings!). The Transport Community has a mission to help governments in the region to make roads safer for everybody. This is our sacred duty and my personal commitment.

3) Transportation of goods and mobility of people across the region and with the EU should be seamless and safe. Borders should not be a source of frustration and delays. Our citizens, visitors, and business wait too long at the border crossings, especially at the ones with the EU countries. We should build on good practices of Green Lanes, and make sure they stay green even after the COVID-19 crisis.

4) Our region should be better connected. Traveling and transporting goods should be faster, cheaper, healthier and, for passengers, also more enjoyable. We can do that by investing in sustainable infrastructure and connect our roads, rail, ports, and airports in the Trans European Network.

5) With the Transport Community Treaty we have committed to base the transport policy on European legislation and standards. This will pave the way to seamless integration of the Western Balkans transport markets into the EU, which will in turn offer new business opportunities for companies in the region.

All priorities are based on already adopted and agreed political declarations, action plans, and joint commitments. Now is the time for implementation.

We live in an extremely dynamic time with many challenges and even more opportunities. Western Balkans is already realising its potential every day, and I am confident that Transport Community will give it another boost of energy to continue on its path of peace and prosperity.

I am happy that I can be part of this story.


Matej Zakonjšek