Workshop on Transport of Dangerous Goods

Bucharest, 5 September – A workshop on enforcement of rules on transport of dangerous goods for six Regional Partners of the Transport Community began today in Romania. The two-day event will allow representatives of institutions from the Western Balkans to learn about the EU law dedicated to transport of dangerous goods, more specifically the control activities for goods that can pose a danger to people, property and the environment.

“I would like to thank the Romanian authorities – Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the State Inspectorate for Road Transport Control (ISCTR), the Romanian Automotive Register (RAR), the Romanian Road Transport Authority (ARR) and the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN) – for making this exchange of experience possible. Road transport of dangerous goods is an area in which Romania can provide invaluable assistance to the six Regional Partners of the Transport Community and we are looking forward to continuing good cooperation in the future,” Matej Zakonjšek, Director of Transport Community Permanent Secretariat was quoted as saying.

Romanian petrol producing company Petrom OMV offered the participants invaluable practical demonstration of a targeted check of tanks carrying the most frequently transported dangerous goods – i.e. benzine, diesel and GPL.

Accession to the EU is a goal for all our Regional Partners and all EU Member States are encouraged to follow the example of Romania to share with Western Balkans their technical knowledge and assist the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat to strengthen control activities for commercial transport operators in the region. Integration of transport markets goes through regulation and enforcement of legislation which is essential for future EU membership.