Assessment of the Rail Market in the Western Balkans in Terms of Capacities, Policies, Economic and Technical Level of Development of Freight and Passenger Transport Segments

In order to assist the Southeast European Parties, the Technical Committee on Railway was set up to deal with rail transport related aspects falling under the scope of the Transport Community Treaty (TCT). To this end , the Technical Committee on Railway with the support of the  TCT Secretariat in 2020 elaborated a coherent set of concrete actions to be implemented by the South East European Parties (in a coordinated and timely manner. It aimed in particular at regional market opening, passenger rights, governance, interoperability, improving the rail border crossing / common crossing operations and modernisation of the rail network.

This is the first report based on the reporting questionnaire set out in the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1100 on rail market monitoring (the “RMMS Regulation”), destined to the SEEP.

This report was made as part of the project “Assessment of the rail market in the Western Balkans in terms of capacities, policies, economic and technical level of development of freight and passenger transport segments”, which was financed from The Transport Community, represented by the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community.

According to the ToR, the following two main results shall be achieved with the assistance of the Consultant:

  • Task 1: Create structure and data collection form for creation and delivery of report on Western Balkan Rail Market Monitoring as per Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1100 for 2021 as baseline year
  • Task 2: Update of the Preliminary Implementation plan, the Transport Market Study, the Inventory of Rail Freight Facilities and the appendixes done in 2017 taking into consideration the latest updates and changes of strategies and data related to rail transport in EU and SEE.