Improving climate resilience and adaptation measures in the indicative extension of TEN-T road and rail networks in Western Balkans

Considering the ongoing impacts of climate change on our environment, the imperative to fortify our infrastructure against these effects has never been greater. This assignment’s key objective is to strategically prioritise vulnerable road and railway sections, criticality assessment and adaptation measures for future investments, specifically focusing on enhancing climate resilience.

Guided by the Terms of Reference, the entire project aligns with the sustainable development goals (SDG 13) of Climate Action outlined in the Global Agenda 2030 and the EU Green Deal. It concentrates on the existing indicative extension of TEN-T roads and railways networks in the Western Balkans region, encompassing both current and planned sections under development or part of mature projects in the Five-
Year Rolling Work Plan for the Development of the Indicative TEN-T extension. This network mirrors the core network established during the Prime Ministers meeting in Brussels in 2015.

All project actions comply with the Transport Community’s (TCT) Action Plans, involving in particular Road Action Plan (2020) and Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy for the Western Balkans (2021) published by the TCT Secretariat.